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Look to the the chaos, unbridled by our obsession for order and control. There you will find ideas rejected, misfits and the freaks, but it is there that you will find the sparkles of genius.

For us it’s more than just a sauce in a tube. Globally, we’re more aware than ever that our actions have a tremendous impact on all of our health and well-being. We set out to create flavor-forward modern pantry staples that contribute to a much bigger picture. We don’t strive to be in every kitchen but we think we may be as the stuff is blooming delish ;) We aspire to create a culture of awareness and empower you to make food choices that support and sustain your sweet, sweet body and the world we live in.

Growing up, my parents lived close to the earth. They were artists, chefs and farmers who believed that healthy diets and a loving environment were all that their children needed to live a rich fulfilling life.

After a successful career as a designer in the film industry I rediscovered my first love of art and food. With some good friends we created a little company called Entube, delivering a line of clean, intensely flavored chili pastes in an iconic silver tube. Entube became a darling in gourmet food circles, winning a much coveted SOFI award for our rich intensely flavored Harissa paste loved by chefs and home cooks alike.

The traditional condiment market was ripe for a punk revolution. The new health conscious consumer was looking for sustainable, delicious, plant based, innovations,  with a focus on the wellness of our society.

From the very ethos of my childhood Hlthpunk was born.

Richard J Lassalle

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HLTHPUNK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Undiluted LLC
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